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Dear Diary,

Oh my head. Did anyone get the number of that pram?
I found this photo... I don't even remember a party, it must have been a real mother of a blow-out... but my head hurts and I feel awful. I hope I enjoyed myself!

I have taken two baby-Tylenol, and I'm drinking juice like it was water. Oh I feel awful. It's a good thing Mummy and Daddy are taking such good care of me. I guess thay must know what happened. (Makes note in diary: almost 48 weeks, bowled over by something unseen.)

Shit, look at my pyjamas in this photo... I look like a shar-pei! Oh grief, I've shrunk. Oh god, that's it, I must be an alco. Right, I'm giving up the bosom for good if this is what it does to you.

That thing I thought was a baby-sized toy light sabre actually tells temperature. I scored 101, underarm. I thought a century was good but Dad does not think so. He says that's why my head hurts. Gee, musta bin some party.

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