Dear Diary,
grief, past three months already. It goes quickly.

I've been watching a lot of heavy work recently. It is so tiring! That fence was such hard work. Dad and I were just utterly worn out, so we flopped out on the wobbly bed.

There's this huge fibreglass swimming pool arrived, too. I went on the expedition to bring it home. It was as big as the car. A funny little truck with horns put it on top of the car and we trundled it home. I supervised the staff unloading it. It's upside down in the big room now. We all walked around it wondering what to do with it. I reckon it would fit in the spot where my pink bath used to be. I wonder how long it will take them to realise that? Come on lips, I need to be able to talk, already.

More dignitaries visiting, just to make it all the more taxing. This last one's a bundle of laughs. I wish I understood what he was saying. Anyway, everyone else seems to be amused, so I just smile occasionally and they look satisfied.

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