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Merinda's Diary

Dear Diary,
I am now 13 weeks old. I had my first shower this week. Not bad at all, in fact it beat the last couple of baths hands down. I wonder what happened to the bath tub? It just vanished. I'll ask when I get talking down a bit better.

Speaking of talking, no matter what topic I choose I haven't got much sentient response from the staff. I say something, they try and repeat it, but it is just babbling... makes no sense at all.

Mum's taken to the idea of fashion shows. I get dressed in this, I get photographed, then I have to change into that, and on it goes. No wonder supermodels want to be paid so much! It's a drag!

I've got a bit bigger. Hell's bells, this is taking a long time. I can just grasp Tigger if I use both hands. If he doesn't learn a new tune by the time I get better at the grasping thing, I'm going to pound his stupid, striped, orange head and its rigid, inane grin against the nearest bloody wall, you watch.

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