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Merinda's Diary

Dear Diary,
I am now 10 weeks old. I recognise the two main members of my staff, but don't show any emotion even when they prod me.

Visited the snow country last week. Can't see why anyone would rave about it. Hard to make out a lot of the scenery, and have to keep hands inside sleeves and ears under hat. The novelty of hats is wearing off too. Can't wait until I can get the remote manipulators working well enough to discard stuff I don't want.

Had another photo session, really rather tiresome.

Visiting dignitaries brought more loot last week, too. A lot of it was rubbish, clothes and uninteresting stuff, but the coloured furry beasts look nice even if they don't move much. One of them sings when its tail is pulled, but is no match for a hair dryer and a vibrator.

My First 2 Weeks

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