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Dear Diary,

I'm dressed in my "Best Yobbo". I think that must be sort of like "Sunday Best" except for work. I have been promoted to house Bouncer, whatever that is. Not bad after only 37 weeks on the job. Anyway, I get to do a lot of bouncing, which is good.

We've had a big push to change the colour of the loungeroom. It was sort of like the inside of Mum's tummy before, mostly black and uninspiring, and now it's all golden and earthy. Mum and Dad are as happy now as I was when I got out, which is to say a lot, and it was about as easy, which is to say not at all. I had to do a lot of bouncing, it was real hard.

There was this big ritual, when it was all done and cleaned up... things like windows were hung up on the walls, covering up the lovely pristine paintwork! The grown-ups all walked around and muttered seriously. The window-things have scribblings on them. I guess they make up for the fact that you can't see through the walls. Very strange.
When I am older, and I can reach, I'll do some better scribblings on the walls for them... they ought to like that.

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