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Dear Diary,
sixteen weeks today!

I'm getting the hang of this gardening stuff. Here you can see me trying to explain to Dad where to put stuff in the pebble pond. Some bits are pretty tough. Mum managed to tame the ravening Lawnmower Beast yesterday. Boy, did it growl a lot. Good thing it left such a nice smell after it.

The Olympic pool is in the bathroom, but the place is still a wreck. Dammit, why don't they fill it? Don't they know I wanna float about in it?!?

These Americans, they are such suckers for cute. I've been out to lunch three times recently to the place where Dad goes most days. The troops fawn over me so much... borders on tiresome. I know why he goes there now... the food! Wait till I can eat, I'm going there with him!

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