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Dear Diary,

I have just scammed this neato scooter. Ho ho, taken in by someone only 46 weeks old! Mum's such a sucker... all I had to do was fuss over Claire's scooter and presto, we're into Wee Pete's again. In no time at all we have this scooter with mobile phone plus combination dildo and teething ring.

Not only that, but I am allowed to use it without a seatbelt. You can't even do that in Montana.

Funny, I don't seem to get far on it. In fact, I would have said that I make better progress on the walker. I'll figure it all out sometime. Meanwhile things aren't looking too good for the open road, the rains have set in again. It didn't stop pissing down for months after I was born. Why does this happen just after I get a scooter and right after I organise Mum and Dad to do the survey and initial plans for the treehouse? Bummer.

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