Teddy's Diary


Dear diary,

Gosh, last week I couldn't even spell ENGINEER, now I are one... and I have the hat to prove it. Last week I was 37 weeks old. This week I am, er... 38 weeks old. And I did that without my slide rule.

Actually, Mum says I am only doing this to be like Dad... wearing a silly hat, she means. Well, Danny's doing it too, look! When people see how silly we look, she says they say that we could be axe murderers, but that just shows how stupid they are, 'cause if that was true I'd have "AXE MURDERER" embroidered on the hat, not "ENGINEER", right?

Seriously though, this train stuff can be scary. This whole thing moves along the ground and with us on its back. I thought trains were small rodent-like toys. They say this one is half size, too. It's pretty hair-raising at times, this engineering. Hence the hats, I guess.

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