Teddy's Diary


Dear diary,

Exterminate! Exterminate!
Why do they keep saying that whenever I play in this thing? And who is this Davros character?

I am 29 weeks old, that's over 6 months, nearly seven! We got back from Phoenix today. Let's see now... one third of my life in Aus, and 2% of it in Arizona. Should not affect me too badly. I wonder what is worse, being a Zonie or a Dalek? These are opposites you know... one is clever and mean, the other is friendly but dumb. Perhaps the effects will cancel.

I have perfected the lunge-and-grab, and I can shake my head to boogie with the best of them. I have my two bottom front teeth just poking through. Also, I can now polish off a six-ounce bottle. Yeah! Boat races are next!

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