Teddy's Diary


Dear diary,

Mum has 1788 weeks,
Sis has 108 weeks,
I have 12 weeks.

Mum has auburn hair,
Sis has blonde hair,
Mine is up in the air.

Mum is very content,
Sis is mostly happy,
I smile quite often.

Mum is in control,
Sis is nearly toilet-trained,
I pee any time I want.

Mum prunes the roses in the garden,
Sis pushes a toy lawnmower over the grass,
I get carried from flower to flower.

Mum is pretty classy,
Sis is full of frivolity,
I can flirt outrageously.

Mum is lying on the carpet,
Sis is lying on Mum,
I know my proper place.

(With apologies to R Corbett, R Barker, and J Cleese.)

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