Teddy's Diary


Dear diary,

Twenty-one today, twenty-one today, twenty-one weeks tod...
Where's my ice cream then, eh... yous bastards! Bastards!
I'm going to rock this seat over and bite your knees. Grunt! You got no manners. When I get out of here I'm gonna do you!

This being a baby is not fair, I tell you. OK, so I get fed regularly, and changed on demand, and carried around... but it isn't fair. I want my share of the yummy stuff. I'm ready to go beyond cereal, Mum!

By the way, where are we? Curanjong? Cunjarong? Nice wet bits.

I see Sis has a boyfriend at the moment. He'll never last. She threw Dan over for Mathias, and now the cat's away... well, you know how it goes. I attribute her success to the fact that she likes to take her clothes off, that's all.

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