Teddy's Diary


Dear diary,

So you are Poppy, eh? Thanks for the fuss, man.

This is the life! Walkabout is sooo good... if you can't walk, anyway. I wonder why they don't call it carryabout? I've been bounced and whizzed around by Sis and Pop and Nan as well as Deb and Mum and Dad... this is the jet-set life all right!

Of course it's risky. Just a couple of days ago I bounced my bouncer clean off the table. That's what being too happy can do to you! And that younger older sister of mine just left me there to stare into the floor, the rotten bitch. Her time will come.

Still, 20 weeks is a good time... a smile still goes a long way, I don't do much if I don't feel like it, I never get blamed if I boot something, and mozzie bites don't make me come up in welts. Just give me half a chance to chew through the mosquito net and I'll have my revenge, little sister!

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