Teddy's Diary


Dear diary,

Sixteen weeks and have I found my voice! Yooo! Well, I can make a sound like a deflating balloon, and I can "burble", I think they call it. Must be cool, Mum's impressed.

Talking seems to be harder than eating. I have been given rusks, ...it costs more saliva than rinsing my shirt and most of the rusk turns into a sort of putty that sticks to my front. However, a bit is getting in. Not sure yet what that is all about, but the others seem to be eating all the time.

Dad goes funny during lightning storms. We were fooling around on the rug and all the time its going flash, flash, flash in the background, and he is carrying me around on his shoulders and beaming at me at point blank range. Very odd.

Dad sys I'll have "lug-holes" like his. Now what's the problem with that?

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