The Company Men

This page written circa 8 September, 2019.

Lately I have been writing "marking rubrics". I do not essentially agree with the idea of a checklist against which a student's intellectual output can be graded; it implies that a complex task can be safely summarised as a sequence of items as if the original problem could be solved with a recipe. Nevertheless, with new or less-able bodies in academic positions you must start somewhere. A rubric is that starting place.

Dwelling simultaneously on the decline of Cowboy U, it seemed to me that a rubric might be a good place to start a definition of what it looks like in a company for which it is good to work, and what likewise might be bad. My first effort is reproduced below. I have worked at least once in each of the three model situations in this rubric, and I am sad to say I drew a lot of inspiration from real events.

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