The Ingenuous Hamiltonian

That is 'ingenuous' in the sense of candid... wise guy.

The current issue: Beam Me Up, Scotty, written circa 19 October, 2023.

Past diatribes: Neoliberalism,
News of the World,
After Life,
Getting in Trouble,
Capital in the Twenty-First Century,
The Element of Truth,
Emily in Paris,
The Shawshank Redemption,
Don't Look Up,
Mona Lisa Smile,
Queen's Gambit,
Sucker Punch,
Years and Years,
The Company Men,
The Second Coming,
Walk the Line,
Decline and Fall,
Cloud Atlas,
3 Idiots,
Trust Me,
Shutter Island,
As Far from Asgard as It Is Possible to Fall,
The Man in the High Castle,
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell,
Copyright Criminals,
Margin Call,
Interview with the Vampire,
Dr Strangelove,
The Iron Lady,
Over the Hedge,
Back to the Future,
The Closure Alternative,
Who Am I This Time?,
Clockwork Oranges,
Nineteen Eighty-Four and a Half,
The Other Side of Immigration,
I Wish I Could Share the Happiness of Being Alone with Someone Else,
I Wanna Be a Republican,
On The Nose,
The Wendy Effect,
An Inconvenient Truth,
The Prisoner,
The Big Bang Theory,
All Passion Spent,
The Pursuit of Happyness,
Toy Story,
The Secret Diary of...,
The New Zealand Wars,
The Ruling Class,
The Absence of Light,
Californication (Series II),
The Case of the Missing Artistic Integrity,
What Did You Expect---Pumpkin Juice?,
Empire Records,
Bicentennial Man,
Sinister Dexter,
Burke's Law,
The Razor's Edge,
A Matter of Attitude,
Flock of Dodos,
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,
A Good Year,
Between Heaven and Hell,
Ümitsiz Bekleyis,
To Die For,
The Producers,
True Lies,
The Good Life,
The Hunger,
The Quiet Earth (a good one),
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,
The Need for Speed,
What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?,
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