Bywater Grange Half Bathroom

The upstairs "half bathroom", or WC as the English call them, did not rate an image from the real estate agent when we were buying this house. There was a good reason for that, it was rather unaesthetic. Its only redeeming feature seemed to be the huge skylight.

In this photograph you see the floor as it originally was, lacquered particle board. The pipe you see against the wall is my addition, to bring hot water to the sink.

The sink, too, is new. The original sink was plastic, and fully 5 inches (125mm) deep! It was so narrow that even with my ear pressed against the mirror I could not spit into the sink. There was a cold tap, but no hot water tap. Cold fingers in Winter, I can tell you! The new sink is porcelain, 8.5 inches deep, mixer tap. Not exactly luxurious, but quite usable.

This is the moment when the floor man came to put down the new lino.

You get a clear view of the sink with mixer tap, the lovely rimu mirror and cabinet, and more of the artists tiles with local flora and fauna, Pukekos and Ponga fern trees in this case.

Here Mrs Scott shows off the finished work. The walls have gone slightly blue to match the tiles and floor, there is a rimu shelf for toilet rolls and reading matter that also holds and conceals the hot water pipe. This shelf is made out of the same recycled physics lab as the hat rack and Wall Mountain.

Not a large room, you see, but this is the architectural standard in New Zealand!