Bathroom Renovation: Phase II

The previous renovation of the main bathroom replaced the bath and flooring; subsequently we added a skylight. The light this added to the room clearly revealed the sorry state of disrepair the ceiling had fallen into, and it was apparent that to avoid water damage it would have to be scraped and repainted. Kay decided it was the ideal opportunity to finish what we had already started, and has stripped wallpaper, painted walls and ceiling, replaced the mirror, installed a mirrored cabinet in place of the old shelf and as a final touch, pasted a decorative strip.

Gone: Cracked cream painted ceiling. New: White sand textured paint.
Gone: Yellow and black floral wallpaper. New: Paint and waterlily border.
Gone: Oval mirror with heavy wooden frame: New: Rectangular mirror with bevelled edge.
Gone: Corroded vent and fittings. New: Brass.
Now the great clock Tony gave us looks more at home.

(Note: Kay takes no aesthetic responsibility for the light fitting, which Jonathan bought.)

Kay chose the wall colour to bring together the green and white floor tiles (with which Tony helped us before), the pinkish cream vanity tiles, pink toilet and hand basin, and almond bath surround. She added the floral border to take the institutional curse off the somewhat stark painted walls. Here you can see ceiling, floor, tiles and vanity all at once. We replaced the cracked window glass to let in more light, though the effect is hard to appreciate from this picture. Previously, the window had to be open to appreciate the view of the big tree.

This picture does more justice to the new glass we put in the bathroom window. It is "Flemish Glass", as I used in 85 Chelmsford Street's bathroom window, although the Americans call it "Baroque" glass.