Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom held a pathetic little bath... about 14 inches deep, one pigmy long.

So we tore it out...

Here we are half the way to the new bathroom. It turned out to be one long and hard job, more than we imagined. Bathrooms in wooden houses are a bugger!

Party of six required to weight the bath down into its bed of concrete!

The results are, however, very pleasing. Stereo shower heads, just like Newtown. Nice large spa bath. A little scratching and drilling rendered the high tech, water-economising heads perfectly normal. What do the folks without an engineer do, we wonder? Buy "Australian shower heads", all the rage at the overpriced plumbing shops (no joke).

Kay did a superb job in the floor tiles!

Inspired by Amelia's story of the dolphin bath spout in their new bathroom, we looked for one. Sure, no problem, US$1300 in the above-mentioned, very-expensive plumbing shop! Engineer to the rescue again... a $20 garden gargoyle, after a little internal surgery with the drill, becomes Tidmarsh the bath gargoyle spout, no problem.