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Past visits are in black. Planned visits are in red.
Please email the social secretary to make your booking.

Warning: Guests may be charged a toll in the form of King-size white cotton Computer Socks, Malteasers, Fruit Tingles, or other such essentials which are unobtainable here.

Home town
6 May--7 May 2006 David and Jo Skellern Sydney Brief serendipity
5 May--7 May 2006 Ming Wang Singapore Nine years no see
28 Aug--Jun 2006 Yuki Nagasaki Teaching Japanese at the school
19 Jun--17 Aug 2005 Peter Blockley Sydney Finishing up the PhD and minding the house
27--30 Mar 2005 Andrew Taubman Sydney Friendshare
18Dec04--9 Jan 2005 Warwick Among the unfriendliest Europeans Coming for a fun Xmas
14--30 Nov 2004 Peter Blockley Australia En route to ARFTG
6--7 Nov 2004 Roger Smith California Long time...
18--25ish Oct 2004 Tony Green Australia Comfort after camping
15 Jun--16 Jun, 2004 Jim Rathmell Sydney Deductible R & R
14 Jun--9 Jul + 26 Jul--8 Aug, 2004 Peter Blockley Sydney A new phase of life
26 Mar--31 Mar 2004 Andrew Taubman Sydney Friendshare
13 Nov--8 Dec 2003 Amelia Reid Sydney It's another sister thing...
11 Oct--1 Nov 2003 Jane, Chris & Seb Tuckwell Canberra It's a sister thing...
2--3 August 2003 Bruce and Julia and... Oxford, UK The US Tour
14--29 June 2003 James B & Peter B Sydney The two new horsemen...
19--23 April 2003 Andrew Taubman Sydney 4 days of delight
24--25 August 2002 Dave & Jo Skellern The World LTNS
27 July--3 August 2002 Dominique & Paul Belgium Flying visit
Nov--Dec 2001 Warwick Lately Stetten, now the Holy Roman Empire For the big 40...
August 2001 Dominique Schreurs Belgium cancelled
May 2001--Nov 2001 Danny Webster Hounslow, London Horticulture will be done.
Feb 3--16 2001 Graham Town Erskineville, Sydney Brainstorm or mindstorm?
19 Dec 2000-4 Jan 2001 Andrew Taubman Petersham, Sydney Good news, chief!
1 Dec 2000-4 Jan 2001 Deborah Evans Petersham, Sydney Confirmed
Sep 12--15, 2000 Tony Parker Sydney Australia A fly-through
15 Feb-19 May 2000 Dominique Schreurs Belgium Meri will miss you
February 2000 Graham Town Erskineville, Sydney Cancelled - illness!
30 August--mid September Denis Ramsbottom & Lynne Fleming Cronulla, Sydney Contact!
30 June to 7 July, 1999 Jan Reid & Amelia Scott-Reid Leura, Sydney Lift off!
27 June -- 17 September, 1999 Tara G UC Davis First SEED
June 18-19, 1999 Greg Kable Dulwich Hill, Sydney Just passing through, saw your light on...
May 16-20, 1999 Gregor Whiley Annandale, Sydney Enroute from the wars to the wars, as it were...
Apr 24-25, 1999 Dave Skellern & Neil Weste Roseville, Sydney Lot of bloody notice!
19 Apr - 25 Jun, 1999 Tony Parker Marsfield, Sydney All systems go
15 - 25 Apr, 1999 Louise Marcroft Marrickville, Sydney Surprise!
4 - 9 Apr, 1999 Darryl Taylor Newtown, Sydney Darryl has been had...
19 Feb - 5 Mar, 1999 Andrew Taubman & Deborah Evans Petersham, Sydney So good to see you!!
2 Feb - 6 Feb, 1999 Glenn Leembruggen Summer Hill, Sydney Can JBL spare you?
25 Jan - 1 Apr, 1999
(Plus 19 Apr - 25 Jun)
Tony Parker Marsfield, Sydney All systems go
15 Jan - 1 Feb, 1999 Cath McDonnell Allawah, Sydney Just a quickie
3rd November 1998 Godfrey and Ruth Lucas Wentworth Falls, Sydney Lovely Thai restaurant.

You can see why we need a five bedroom house!

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