Fencing Paddocks for the Horse

When we first arrived here, the main paddock was in pretty sorry condition, what with its fences dilapidated or sawn off and the ground rutted by careless contractors.

Our neighbour John tilled it for us with his tractor. Now the fencing men have come to build new fences, because Merinda's horse is due to arrive this weekend. They shifted the tool shed back a bit, too. Note the ferocious tractor with which they are equipped, part fork lift, part post ram, all four-wheel drive. The wee little white vehicle dwarfed behind it is actually a HiLux twin-cab 4WD pickup, a marvellous monster in its own right. No wonder they charge by the metre not the hour.

Here it is all fenced and ready for Willow. The "orchard" paddock is to the right. The "tree-house paddock" is behind the camera, and the "bottom" paddock is down the hill, also behind the camera.

This is the view from the main gate towards the workshop. The entrances to the tree-house and bottom paddocks is off to the right of the workshop in this view.