Teddy's Diary


Dear diary,

my sister has got very bossy in the last few months. She's got a long head start on me, I'm 73 weeks old and she's over 96, but I'm catching up in size and strength, plus I'm fearless! She gets scared at the second rung, I got most of the way up to Dad before he called Mum to come up after me, heh heh.

I'm experimenting with the tantrum at the moment. I think a sort of squealing howl with a few tears and a lot shaking and stamping is pretty optimum. It's hard to tell how well it works, though, because I can't resist doing it if there is even the smallest delay in the service, so I think I might be wasting strength on sure things.

The rains are lifting, so I get out into the garden more, as you can see. I sort of know that a hat keeps the sun out of my eyes, but I'm obliged to pull it off periodically for dramatic effect and then I can't get the bugger back on. How do grown-ups do that?

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