Teddy's Diary


Dear diary,

Now I'm cruising! Who's that cutie in the mirror? Baby gym is cool. At 40 weeks I may only be up to pumping calcium, but soon it will be the Iron age for me!

I finally managed to transmit some information to the kitchen staff yesterday. There we were, watching some video, and I came over all peckish. I cruised Mum towards the cupboard, smacked my lips a lot, and then just stared at the closed door. After a while she gets the message! I was so pleased with myself, I chuckled and drummed away on her shoulder (she likes that).

More and more stuff turns out to be esculent. Not just the goo in the little jars, but things that fall off the trees in the garden, and all manner of weird things that they eat at table while I am desperately trying to stuff those little crispy ring-things into my mouth. Tonight I got to suck on monstrous-sized rib bones... why, I could have used them as clubs!

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