Grading the Driveway

The whole driveway was sand, as you can see in this picture. When it rained some nasty potholes formed, especially on the corner where the large chestnut tree grows. (That is in the distance in this picture, which has been taken from the house.)

It is still sand along this part, where it is well-protected by the tall pines.

This view is also from the direction of the house towards the spreading chestnut tree, but it includes only the last 30 yards or so. You can see the "blue metal" gravel starting.

From here, under the said spreading chestnut tree, looking towards the street some 200 yards away, the vista is now level on a scale of feet but ragged on a scale of inches. Merinda does not like it because she cannot walk easily on it in bare feet, but Willy likes it.

See how appropriate is the Imperial measurement system!