Auburn University, AL, USA 03-Nov-2009

Dear Prof. Jonathan Scott,

I very much appreciate your submission of the paper 09-1838-TIE,Robust Lead-Acid Battery State-of-Charge Meter Designed for Simple Field Installation to the Transactions on Industrial Electronics.

It seems that your manuscript is weak on the current state-of-the-art description and it does not have enough current journal references.

Please notice that TIE publishes papers with the state-of-art technical works related to IES readers' interest. Authors should be very familiar with articles recently published in TIE, and build on the related work to contrast on what are the novel contributions the authors have. Searching through the literature you may find more convenient than Xplore.

Our current impact factor is 5.468 this means that each paper is cited by other journals at least 5 times within couple years after publication. Such expectation is currently the major criterion for review (see Please notice that out the scope papers have significantly reduced chances for citations.

Please search recent literature, update the manuscript, follow the check list:, and re-submit your manuscript as a new paper.

When submitting the manuscript please upload only one PDF file without information about authors' names and affiliations. For additional information please see:

Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to your contribution, and hope to work with you again.

With my best wishes for your success,
Sincerely yours,

Mo-Yuen Chow
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

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