Offal Hole

We have had an "offal hole" dug. This unappealingly-named thing is the farmer's equivalent of an organic garbage dump. It is simply a hole about 10m deep and 1m in diameter, with a concrete lid dropped over the top.

The idea is that farms often generate a lot of very bio-degradable waste, and this is how you deal with it. Be it potato peelings or a dead sheep, you recycle it via the offal hole. Of course it gets its name from the practice of home butchery that leads to a lot of superfluous guts.

Installing one is a quick (and relatively cheap) process. The truck arrives, you point, a huge rig whips up, drills a hole in the ground like whacking a hole in a plank of wood, the guy virtually pushes the concrete top and lid off the truck and over the hole, and it is done. The snag is several cubic metres of dirt that you have to spread around.

It is also a green process, blood and bone for the grass and trees.