Hillcrest Road

Welcome to our house!
This house is very difficult to describe to anyone who has not been here. Kay says it looks like a space ship has crashed into a 1950 bungalow. The ship was piloted by an architect named Robin, and the house owned by a Dr Tressler who worked in the Management School at the University. He and Sandra lived in the bungalow starting in 1980, planning the arrival of the spaceship in the late 1990s, with it finally landing in 2003.

As the front view shows, they loved ponds, as do we. Entry to the front requires you pass through a gap in a tall hedge, and then cross the "moat", a pond with large stepping stones.

The hallway behind the front door is long and wide, and opens into an atrium with a huge glass roof. The water from that glass roof feeds another water feature, a long stone basin, via a spout and chains as often found in large buildings.

People who have known us for a long time will recognise the turquoise tub; it contains a school of very happy Mountain Cloud fish who multiply happily, as have the denizens of that tub in Wentworth Falls, Chelmsford Street, Vallejo Street, and now various places in NZ.

This is Kay in the rain, looking at the rain chain filling the south feature.

The porch and wonderful brickwork of the original bungalow remain in the atrium of the post-spacecrash house.

The heart of the house is a huge living space that once contained the living room, kitchen, basement and bedroom of the original bungalow.

This view takes in the whole glorious vista. The den is visible underneath the mezzanine lounge. The windows make heating a big deal in winter, but the integration of the upper-rear garden is wonderful. This photograph was taken standing on the wooden stool visible in the next image at the back of the kitchen.

This is a view of the kitchen taken from the mezzanine lounge.

The den is underneath the mezzanine, and looks out onto the lounge area and the garden.

The rear garden has a series of interconnected ponds cascading down. The fish are not to be trifled with. Both cats gained a healthy respect for the carp. They also gained a wonderful supply of freshly-circulated water.

A Google-Maps view of the house and its neighbours, showing our huge leafy yard, whose trees conceal the system of ponds. You can actually see through the mid-building skylights to the tiled roof, still above the porch, in the atrium.

In the film The Quiet Earth, that I have noted before there was a connection with my life. That connection is even stronger now, as I really do live at the "corner of Hillcrest and Mansel"! Perhaps now the mania service will properly restart.