Jonathan's Soapbox

Soapbox?!? Kay put that. Anyone would think I pontificate.

The current issue: Floating Down the River with a Saturated Liver, written circa 28 May, 2006.

Past diatribes: All I can Remember is that One of Those Cities Was Santa Rosa,
A Way to Shield the Hated Heat,
He Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins,
Prepare the Transit Beam,
Though Your Mind is Cool Your Heart is Beating Fast,
Child in Time, You'll See the Line,
In the Shadow of California,
Fame! What You Get is No Tomorrow,
Valhalla I am Coming!,
Putting Out the Fire with Gasoline,
Video Killed the Radio Star,
I'm Far Far Away With My Head Up in the Clouds,
I Used to Live Alone Before I Knew Ya',
Here Come the Caution Horses,
Hoist the Jolly Roger,
A Yellow Light on the Dashboard of Life,
We Love You! We Need You! We Hear You!,
Hitch a Ride with Fantasy Now,
There's Room At The Top, They Are Telling You Still,
Time of Trouble, Time of Trial, Turn to Memphis, Pray a While,
Careful with that Axe, Eugene,
I Think I Need a Little Poison,
Am I Having Fun Yet?,
War Lessons,
The Bad, the Ugly, and the Good,
Knock Your Socks Off,
By Silverfish Imperetrix's Incorrupted Eye,
The Via Hewlett-Packardia,
Should Auld Acquaintance Be Ignored,
The Eggs Have It,
Climate Change,
The Christmas Blitz,
The Failing Light Illuminates the Mercenary's Creed,
Smoke on the Water, Fire in the Sky,
Dollars, Knowledge and Attitude,
What a Tangled Web,
A Month To Cool Off,
Of Summer, Of Love,
The Eagle Has Landed,
The Dance of the Seven Arse-Coverings,
Wit and Soul,
Playing Doctors and Bankers,
Civilization, Slaves and Twins,
Just In Case You Thought Your Opinion Counted,
Painted Ponies in Mid-stream,
Letter To Amelia,
Deal Me In,
Good Call, Bad Call, Easy Call, Hard Call,
When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife?,
Walking in Fields of Gold,
The Coca Cola Kid,
The Ghost of Things Past,
Culture, Humour, Joy, Sadness,
The Faraway Co.,
Community Perspective,
From Darkness Light,
For Whom Capitalism,
A Time for Mediocrity,
Indulgence For Sale,
Castle eBusiness,
Whose Side Are They On?,
What Makes a Thrill?,
The Unnatural Order,
Avenging Uncles,
Absolute Power,
The Cordelia Effect,
Tame Oats,
The Summer of Love,
The Elysian Fields Subdivided,
... and pipe fittings and...,
Drilling for the Motherlode,
Beware the Ides of Multiplication,
Rachel! Get the Benz!,
Expatriation or Emmigration?,
The Art of Shopping,
Life, The Universe, Nothing Much
Come With Me Traffic Light, I Think I Can Help You
On The Art of Medicine
Bang, I say, Bang!
In a Glass by Myself
When in Rome, USA
Left Coast, Right Idea
Price of Life
Socks, Maps, and Drains
The HP Way
An Australian in Santa Rosa

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