Tree Pruning

When we moved in we found out that Ralph "had a tree surgeon every year" to attend the Maple tree that is a centerpiece of the back garden. Well, this really cannot have been the case for the last few years. We recently consulted an example of the species, and he estimated (genuinely in my opinion) about three days of work to balance the tree, remove undesirable branches, and restrain the tree's farthest reach to the benefit of our gutters.

A small amount of arithmetic and a few elementary measurements suggested that much (but not all) of the recommended work could practically be undertaken by a sensible worker, i.e., me, after the purchase of a ladder. We already have a very nice 20 foot pruning saw and clipper, so only a 24 foot extension ladder needed to be added to the equipment list.

Herewith you see yours truly disposing of one of the more horizontal and low-down branches. Not only are these the most stressful and least productive of the tree's limbs, they are the ones most responsible for reducing the light that reaches the grass.

Kay is on the end of the rope, and the camera.

Quoth Kay of this photo, "every line of your body says that that was scary". Good summary. The electric chainsaw came in very handy, but it is unnerving being on the end of a long ladder, weilding an object that slices off limbs of people at least as easily as it slices off limbs of trees, hoping that the falling limb does not take out the ladder. (Hence the rope above.)

The job is not half over, and we have filled the garden waste bin, covered the concrete with branches, and laid up a decent lot of firewood....