Rumpus Room Carpet

This carefully-selected, pre-renovation picture does more justice to the rumpus room than it deserved. It was not so often used in spite of the fireplace because it was a cold and somewhat stark room.

We decided that carpet would make it both warmer physically, and more appealing and more comfortable.

This is the post-carpet view. The picture, taken by flashgun and without props to make the room look welcoming and busy, does not do it justice. It is now much warmer and warmer to look at too. (It is also full of junk on account of the kitchen renovations demanding that that room be emptied, but that will be discussed in the next installment of this page.)

The carpet is a biscuit berber, and we have a number of loose pieces in a sort of wine-maroon. These are to protect the biscuit carpet near the garden door and in front of the now-open fireplace. You can see one in front of the fireplace in this picture.

We also have a large piece of the biscuit stored in the garage attic in case there is ever a need to effect local repair.