Refinished Wooden Floors

The children now having grown up some we felt we could get rid of the carpet in the lounge. The floor in the dining room, the loungeroom, the hall and the study is beautiful oak (except for the closets that are floored in cedar) and we wanted to see what life on wood was like. We have had these rooms all fully sanded and professionally resurfaced.

Here you can see a patch half done. We had to empty these rooms of all furniture, and actually move out of the house for two nights during the process on account of the fumes of the stain and later the final coats of protection.

Here is a photograph that shows the floor in the process of being stained, after sanding and sealing.

The final look is rather superb. Even with some rugs from Kent, the room is acoustically more lively.

We have rearranged the furniture to make a more clean and stark atmosphere in keeping with the sight and sound of the floors.