Garden Pond Project

The removal of the old bath coincided, very happily for us, with a brief visit from Dave and Neil.

Few of you may have realised that California Regulation CAXV5621904.7.G9 requires no less than four (4) PhD-qualified persons be assigned to any work involving the movement of a bath. This is typical over-regulation, as the photos above prove---three is quite enough.

Ponds must be surrounded by rocks. Rocks of the better quality generally come from rivers.

Any suggestion that any persons who might resemble acquaintances of your humble author, or any of his relations or known associates, might have, at any time, employed any vehicles with more than two powered wheels to visit any areas, fenced-off or otherwise, are utterly without foundation.

Next, burying requires the preparation of a hole. Here Tony is leading the way in creating a surgical incision in the ground. He cleverly thought of using the wheelie-bin-de-garbage as a soil transporter. A few evenings (between return to base and consumption of evening cocktails) saw the creation of a very neat hole in the ground. Kay has planned for a small seat behind the pond, such that one may consume one's G & T while looking across the said pond towards the house, presumably in that small interval between the sun falling to a cool height and the mozzies carrying you, or at least a substantial quantity of your blood, off. I am punting for a version of the zebra-seat that we left in Oz for Darryl.

Here Meri and I are enjoying the pond, complete with fish and various plants.

Thanks are due to a number of people here. You know who you are.