Z-scale "Polar Express" Layout

This layout was inspired by one of Edwin's books, "The Polar Express". It is a Christmas story wherein a boy is carried for a visit to the North Pole in a wonderful steam-era, art-deco train. Such a train was included in the 81835 Marklin set I got for Christmas. Both locomotive and carriages are so long that they cannot negotiate the tight corners in the Alpine layout I built previously, so we needed a more gentle layout.

The plan is a simple circuit.

This is a video of the layout in action one evening in the loungeroom!

The scenery compliments the trains superbly.

If your pleasure is to see a beautiful thing in miniature, this is it.

We have an escarpment, like the one in the top picture, a long straight, a long tunnel and...

a short tunnel.

There is a lake with trees in Fall, as well as the pine forrest and snow-covered mountains.

And of course, the whole thing packs into a neat wooden box that measures 60"x16"x8" (1.5m by 41cm by 20cm) and can be carried like a suitcase.

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