In Lieu of a Letter

My correspondence record is abysmal, and now I have twice as many friends with whom I would like to keep in touch... so I hope most of them read this for the latest news of the Scott/Ramsbottom family fortunes instead of waiting for the annual Xmas card!

Selected musings:
Live And Let Die, 10 August, 2007.
Down On The Farm, Out In The Rain, 5 July, 2007.
Nutbush Chainsaw Massacre, 18 June, 2007.
Scott Family Christmas Message, 18 December, 2006.
Gambolling is an Addiction, 18 October, 2006.
Thistle While You Work, 30 August - 27 September, 2006.
Fush and Chups, Please, 5 July, 2006.
Houses and Cars and Schools, Oh My!, 24 June, 2006.

Ancient news from Santa Rosa: Kay's Gossip

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