New Kitchen Floor

The kitchen linoleum was showing its age. It also proved to be stuck down well, but not as well as the layer of far-uglier linoleum below it. The lower one was not only stuck down with extreme glue, it was one of the old types with an asbestos content. The whole floor had to go....

Here is a view that gives you some idea of the mass of material that had to be removed with extreme prejudice. You can see the lino, the subfloor (composite chipboard) and the planks below.

This is a view after the old material was removed, and with pristine sub-floor nailed to the weight-bearing wooden planks throughout the kitchen, hall and downstairs bathroom.

Now the underlay is in place, and the new composite tiles are painstakingly laid out, glued, and hammered into position. The tiles are a melamine-wood laminate. The feel underfoot is very pleasant, tougher than wood, less hard and unforgiving than ceramic tiles.

Kay painted the new kickboards before they were installed...

At last the job was done, and the new look and feel is superb.