Additional Back Door

The kitchen was originally divided awkwardly into a nook and a preparation area. Kay redesigned and opened up the kitchen to provide a vastly more beautiful result.

The nook had a larger window than the kitchen-proper half, but it was still not letting in as much light as we wanted. Also, Kay wanted better access at times when we were entertaining in the yard (which is often in Summer). The answer has been to add a door in place of the nook window. Here is the new rear view of the house. It can be compared with the 1998 view below.

Apart from the seasons changing from Winter to Spring, the house colour has changed a few shades, the two existing doors have been replaced, and you can see that the middle of the three lower-story windows is now a door. You will see how the inside has changed in the next installment.

The new door replaces a window that was above the hatchway leading to the crawl space under the house. The steps leading up to the door have to cover this hatchway, and ultimately allow access to it.

I constructed a removable set of wooden steps in manganas, the same very heavy hardwood that I used on the mantlepiece. Max still can get under the house to check for rodent intruders, by slipping through the gap you see behind Edwin's heels.