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Dear Diary,

Oh good grief, I can't weigh that much, please! You can see here that during a park party I played see-saw with Mum. It was a very good party, thanks Meron, thanks Vicki.

You just do not want to hear what a time I had in the Old Country. (I am not sure what is old about it.) We ate and saw people and had my first birthday party and played with animals (Bonaparte and I speak the same language) and ate and rode Mad Warwick's water car (I was real worried when Dad got hurt) and saw fireworks (good sights, good sounds!) and ate and launched uncle Andrew's rocket (makes a bad sound) and saw my big sister and played around water features and saw uncle Tony marrying this real doll and ate and shopped (we bought an awful lot of socks) and listened to music (Dad and some friends made real music for me) and ate (Vicki had these tasty orange-coloured things that looked like turtles) and played games and had parties and ate (Mum got sick after one of the eat-ins) and raced slotcars (Sis is mean fast) and visited people's places and played in parks and practiced walking (I can almost do it) and grew teeth (Stephen says I am almost tetradontal!) and ate... phew.

Hmm, maybe it was Mum that lost weight instead of me gaining it?

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