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Dear Diary,

This is cool, man! I can see right through these shades. A-mazing. Funny how much influence the beatnik generation has on the lingo of us kids, ever noticed that? What does it mean? Far out, not yet 50 weeks and I'm pondering such existential questions. What yuk.

Anyway, at the left you can see that Dad and I are using the camera to help us spend several hundred microseconds experiencing bright light like the sun is in Australia, in preparation for the trip. I leave next weekend, he's coming with my junk later.

My poor sister is having computer problems again. Ever noticed how computers hate some people? I am lucky I have Dad here to sort out all the technical stuff. Still, I can type too, I just grab while I am on Dad's lap.

bouta bouta bouta bouta. minga minga minga. iggle iggle. wah da da. ik weee? Cut that out! pider! hee hee. You would think I was a babbling baby.

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