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Dear Diary,

this is a picture of me and Edwin walking down our driveway to school one morning last week. It has been very frosty a couple of the mornings, but there are heaps of red tulips popping up.

Mum started reading "Good Horsekeeping" this week. She is getting quite a shock. Did you know a horse produces 50 pounds of poo each day? Dad bought us the book back in California. I could not read so well then.

I wrote a story and typed it up at school last week. Here it is:

My Wild Bike Ride

One summy, breezy day... I was whizzing along on my bike and I did not know I was near a farm in fact it was just a head and it was a straight road so I closed my eyes for a while and... when I opened them I was about to run into a COW! On the road! (AH GET OUT OF THE WAY) That second an angry farmer ran out of the barn. I biked away speedy quick! The farmer yelled, "YOU WATCH MY COW!" I peddled faster and faster, what would happen to me? The farm went out of sight whew! Now that was a wild bike ride!

Merinda Scott
Age 7(.67) yrs
Kaipaki School

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