Lawn Sprinklers II

We have completed phase 2 of the lawn sprinkler rejuvenation.
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Herewith a view of Kay and Meri watching the final testing of the three lawn sprinklers at the Western side of the rear lawn. Fortunately the hoses laid all those years ago in this side of the lawn were found to be intact, so we only had to dig holes to insert or replace the sprinklers themselves.

The hardest part was crawling underneath the house to lay the wire from the controller to the tap located outside the garage door, where the last solenoid tap was to be positioned.
There must have once been a sprinkler in the middle of the lawn, because one pipe disappeared off from the midpoint of the Southern edge of the lawn. The tree makes such a location silly, so the line has been abandoned.

Here is the map of the garden updated to reflect current pipe locations (for the record). As before, you may have to view the image at X1 to make out the details (right-click in Netscape).