Kitchen Light Shades

The original lightshades were octagonal wood fittings, pained white on the inside, and with translucent white glass bottoms. The kitchen was a bit dull.

When we removed one to clean it, the kitchen became about three times brighter; the fittings turned out to each contain two circular fluorescent globes. We immediately threw both away... the glass was translucent, but mostly just an absorber rather than a scatterer.

Having noticed a supplier of stained glass in Santa Rosa Avenue, amongst the car dealers, we decided to make two fittings, one for the kitchen proper, the other for the breakfast nook where Meri eats.

Now the cost ended up being quite high... the glass is about $10-12 a square foot, and each fitting needed three square feet of glass without offcuts, then there is the lead. I treated myself to a very nice Weller 140W gun for the very reasonable price of $30.

Nevertheless, both fittings look good and they are very efficient indeed.