Exterior Painting

The exterior paint had started to bubble and flake on some of the eaves, and Charlotte next door was having her house painted, so we asked for a quote from the same people and they eventually did our house too. Now they are doing Lou's place next door on the other side.

This is the new look, not so far from the old. It is painted the colour that the sky goes on those wonderful Summer days... Dan says if we painted clouds over the windows the house would disappear at a certain time of day.

For comparison this is the way the house looked just before we bought it. The shutters are now white, not creamy-yellow, the main part sky blue instead of a grey with a hint of purple, and the trims terracotta, not black.

These aren't the paint names of course, you cannot buy paint with straight names any more. In fact, so desperate are the classy paint companies to differentiate their (virtually identical) products that some colour names are utterly uninformative as to the colour in question. Simultaneous with the house painting I have been painting a model railway. Plain grass green was "Othello". Now how does that work?