Orchard Fence

Here is a picture of the orchard area, taken before Spring had sprung, from the upstairs balcony. The two sticky-trees are apple and plum. You can see Kay setting The Widget up in her bouncer, and me in my rust-coloured hat setting about murdering one of Ralph's tinny fence posts.

Here the end near the house is looking complete.

Again from the balcony, you can see that we are about two-thirds done. Jim's fence-post-hole digger arrived the next week, and this was a very good thing... hands were looking pretty raw that week.

This is the "after" photo, taken with trees in leaf and/or blossom. Danny is right, there is a certain thrill to seeing Spring springing, and here in these climes it springs with a great springiness.
The arbor leading into the orchard has as advertised, some small Japanese influence in its construction style.

Thanks are due to Jim for the use of his post-hole digger. One thinks hard about a well after digging a few meagre 2-foot holes. She-who-designs-garden-fences was heard to say, after the hole for the large (arbor) post: "Don't even say the word `well'." The sight of a Summer water bill may shake this resolve, however.