Edwin's Diary


Dear diary,

it has been such sunny weather I decided to lay a train track out of the workshop into the paddock. The bank up to the door was so steep the trains could not make it up by themselves, so Dad and I moved the track so it ran along the front of the shed. Now I am running a long branchline down into the old carport where the chickens first nested.

We have two weeks holiday, plenty of time to build a railroad empire!

I like my tricycle. It may not be as fast as Sarah's bike, but it goes over rough terrain. Merinda and I are avoiding having to learn to ride bicycles, but I reckon it might get embarrassing soon.

5.87 years old (Sep 06)
5.83 years old (Aug 06)
5.82 years old (Aug 06)
5.80 years old (Aug 06)
5.75 years old (Aug 06)
5.74 years old (Jul 06)
5.71 years old (Jul 06)
5.70 years old (Jul 06)
5.67 years old (Jun 06)
My first 5.57 Years in Santa Rosa

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