Edwin's Diary


Dear diary,

Mum has been sick all week. She has a bad cough, so she often had to get up and go sleep half sitting on the couch. I had a bad dream, so I went to find her, and we shared the sofa.

You can see all the stuff in the living room around us in this picture. We gave up trying to hatch the eggs in the box. Wonder when the hen will give up on her share of the 19 eggs? We have 9 chicks surviving from the first batch, and now Dark Star's eggs have started hatching, but she only had about 3 eggs. The other two hens are still sitting. We get way less omlettes and cakes and icecream this time of year.

5.83 years old (Aug 06)
5.82 years old (Aug 06)
5.80 years old (Aug 06)
5.75 years old (Aug 06)
5.74 years old (Jul 06)
5.71 years old (Jul 06)
5.70 years old (Jul 06)
5.67 years old (Jun 06)
My first 5.57 Years in Santa Rosa

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