Edwin's Diary


Dear diary,

I am now 5.80 years old. What a month! We moved into our new house, I have started taking the bus to school, and I help Mum and Dad a lot around the farm. Last Friday I went to a Physics lecture at the Junior Naturalists Society. Alistair was good, but his dancing flames did not reach the roof. Darn.

Merinda and I have met the two girls Emma and Sarah who live across the street. They are nice. They have lambs and a putting green, whatever that is.

5.75 years old (Aug 06)
5.74 years old (Jul 06)
5.71 years old (Jul 06)
5.70 years old (Jul 06)
5.67 years old (Jun 06)
My first 5.57 Years in Santa Rosa

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