New Dishwasher

The old dishwasher was a heavy thing: the tub was made of steel, it had a heavy door and a heavy frame, and minimal soundproofing or thermal insulation. The Hobart machines were good in their day, but this was an early machine, and it had little space inside and not a very efficient spraying system.

Here you see installation in progress on the new machine. It may not be clear from this photo, but the tub is much larger, occupying much of the standard space allocated in a kitchen for a dishwasher.

This photo shows the cramped space where the business end of the thing lives. This is your genuine one-twelfth-of-a-turn at each push on the spanner job. Note the curled edge of the linoleum, and the brass compression fitting where the water arrives at the solenoid tap.

In comparison this side biew of the old unit shows the relatively copious space for the engine (vertically-mounted) and attachments.